Singer & songs


Muziek: Dick van Altena / Tekst: Dick van Altena

I have sung millions of teardrops
I’ve played and painted the blues
Tried to look up to the blue sky
But sometimes there’s no way to choose

So I keep my eyes on the highway
Trying to pretend that I’m free
Searching for rhyme and for reason
And words to an old melody

            Come sit yourself down by the fire
            Down next to where you belong
            Listen to my life again and again
            When the singer sings his song

I’d love to write you a sweet song
But I know that no tune‘ll do
Besides this old guitar I’m holding
Loves being lonesome and blue

But you know that I love you
Remember I once sang you so
Life is repeating itself, my love
With songs from a long time ago

            Come sit…

            Come sit…

            Listen to my life…